Troll Caught Albacore Tuna

from the clear waters of the North Pacific

Troll Caught Albacore

Island Trollers Troll-caught albacore is a sustainable and delicious choice for seafood lovers.

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Wild Pacific Troll Caught Albacore

Island Trollers proudly provides dolphin-safe, sashimi-grade albacore, sourced through sustainable troll fishing by American fishermen along the West Coast. Our premium albacore is canned in Washington State and delivered fresh daily from beautiful Whidbey Island.

Each fish is caught one at a time in the beautiful waters of the North Pacific. We are proud to be involved in this sustainable fishery off the West Coast of the United States. Each BPA Free can is raw packed with troll caught Albacore and cooked only once. This is sashimi grade albacore in a can, the finest you will find anywhere in the world!